Alex and Danny [Waiting for Baby]


Maternity sessions are some of my favorites to photograph… there’s so much anticipation, like standing at the edge of the ocean right before you swim into the waves. Excitement, beauty, fun… maternity shoots have it all!


Ethan {Evergreen Senior Photographer}


I love that Ethan came to the shoot knowing exactly what he wanted to include: hunting, his dog, and the country. I feel like we got all that and more, with an awesome location to pull it all together. Here’s to your last two months of high school, Ethan, and to a bright future. Good luck!


Juliana and Joey: Waiting on Baby


After the last stretch of cold and endless snow here in Colorado, this shoot was the perfect way to spend part of the first warm weekend. Joey and Juliana are living the life little kids dream of: he’s a police officer, she’s a nurse, they just bought their own little home, and now they’re bringing a sweet baby girl into the world. And truly, this shoot was the stuff of dreams. A perfect, sweet baby bump and two people so beautifully in love that it couldn’t help but spill over in the photos.