The Heppler Family [Atchison Family Photographer]

I have known the Heppler’s for years… they were among the first engagements and weddings I ever did.  I feel so honored to have photographed their family when they added their first baby girl and now that they have a little boy: I was super excited to capture this family!  They were among the families I was supposed to photograph when our own baby came early, so although I came a little late to the game… it was so good to see the family again and make a few memories.  You can tell through the pictures how important their family is to them.  We started out at their house and moved on to the back roads of Jackson Park to find some gorgeous light (and a lot of wind!).

Thank you for asking me to photograph your family Jake and Tiff!  I had an amazing time!

A Love Story: Matt and Victoria [Missouri Wedding Photographer]

This wedding was such fun to shoot!  Matt and Victoria were totally focused on each other that day – not sweating the details, but still managing to have an amazing party for everyone.  (Make sure you check out Victoria’s brother’s dueling it out on the dance floor.)

Loved her dress! 

These two were so shy and adorable!  After a little prodding they very impressively made their way down the aisle!

Oh, the goofiness :). 

Loved their wedding cake topper!  I can honestly say it is the most unique one I’ve seen thus far.  It matches Victoria’s favorite photo of them together (on Matt’s motorcycle).

A good cake smashing was to be had…

An awesome and talented band!  I never was able to find out their name, so if anyone knows, let me know!

All in all, a lovely way to spend an evening :).

A Love Story: Emily and Mark [Wichita Wedding Photographer]

This wedding was especially special to me as this was the first time I shot a wedding in the church I grew up in! Emily and Mark were so sweet and excited to be getting married, plus they had a rockin’ party! Everyone there was ready to dance and celebrate the day!

Class of 2011: Caitlin [Colorado Senior Photographer]

After a long drive south of Denver, I was rewarded with one of the most amazing and versatile senior shoots I’ve gotten to do. We had horses, waterfalls, dresses, belt buckles and best of all, a senior girl with just the right amount of attitude :).

I just loved the light on this little pool of water, with the greenery and lake in the background. Love.

A Love Story: Amy and Sean [Colorado Wedding Photographer]

Amy was one of my first “Colorado friends.” She sits next to my husband at work and was wonderful about inviting me into a women’s group she was in. I am so glad to have gotten to know both her and her wonderful husband, Sean! Their day was filled to the brim with laughter, joy (and maybe just a few little tears).

I loved the reaction Amy’s cousin, Chris, had when he first saw her!

There was a tiny window in the bridal room to see into the church.

Amy has two sisters… and it is obvious they absolutely adore each other!

What a party :).