Welcoming Miss Zelie

Two years ago, this amazing family welcomed me into their home to photograph Bennett’s early days. It was one of my favorite sessions that year, and this one, despite being two years later, a whole different house, and with a new baby, is slated to join the ranks of that session. The big sisters welcomed me right in and told me all about their rooms, school, and upcoming adventures. Big brother made sure I knew he was really excited about tractors, and everyone, everyone, declared their love of this beautiful baby girl.


The Wild Family [Colorado Family Photographer]

If I had to choose one word to describe this family session, it would be connection. I had to do so little directing, and it was beautiful. They came ready with giggles and snuggles from the start. Between hospital schedules, weather, and life in general, it took us a good four or five attempts to get this session done. We were up against a bit of a deadline as they were moving soon, and while the move is bringing them closer to family, it is taking them quite a ways from the mountains, and they wanted a photo session to document their time living near the Rockies. I think we succeeded. Views + joy + all the love = everything I love about this session.

Home with Harper [Parker, Colorado Newborn Photographer]


Here we are, with the third (and final, for now) segment of Miss Harper’s welcome into the world. Sweet Harper has a big sister who has readily blazed a trail into the world ahead of her. She is sweet and wild in that little girl way, and I can’t wait to see her little sister follow in her footsteps. This is a family that loves each other fiercely and revels in all the joy a little one brings.


Welcoming Miss Harper [Parker Birth Photographer]

Oh, sweet little Harper. There were so many worries as your family waited for you, and when I got the call to head to the hospital to photograph your birth, I was ready to greet that mix of anxiety and excitement. Truly, though, the overwhelming joy at your coming washed over everything. Your mama was a warrior, especially when labor went from zero to 60 in what felt like mere moments. Your daddy stood ready with love, support, and anything your mama needed. As the morning sun washed over the room, you, sweet little girl, came into a world filled with love for you.

While not every fear can be assuaged at once, at that moment, you were there, and you were healthy enough to be snuggled and admired from near and far as texts and phone calls started flying back and forth to announce your arrival. Welcome to the outside world, sweet girl!


Waiting for Miss Harper [Parker Maternity Photographer]

“Let’s start at the very beginning. A very good place to start…”

As I prepare this blogpost for publishing, I have Miss Harper’s birth and newborn photos sitting in their own folders, ready to share as well. However, I decided Maria (from the Sound of Music), had the best advice… to start at the beginning. Miss Harper joined a family so full of love and joy at her coming! Three-and-a-half years ago, I photographed big sister Madison’s entrance into the word, and getting to watch her grow into the amazing, spunky little girl, and now into a big sister, is truly amazing. Harper has quite the live of adventure in store for her with a big sister like Madison, and truly a life full of love ahead with this family.