A twin NICU session [Colorado NICU photographer]

Depending on how long you’ve been following me, you may remember that my eldest was a preemie. She was seven weeks early, and came barreling into the world weighing at a less-than-hefty four pounds, two ounces. These sweet babes were each just barely over four pounds when I met them, but this was six weeks into their journey, so they were nearly twice as big as when they came into the world. What a long, long road they’ve had!

NICU sessions are special, and, quite assuredly, different from the usual newborn session. These little ones are extra fragile, have fought extra hard, and their worlds require a bit of extra maneuvering with the cords and tubing keeping them anchored. Tucked into their little corner, not only did they have a mama loving their every achievement, but it was obvious their nurses were cheering them on every moment. The light is obviously a bit different in their cozy little hideaway, with no windows and their eyes too sensitive for additional flash or other lights, but I actually love the depth it lent to the photos (and while the gallery has both color and black and white images, I just loved the feeling of these black and whites).

This brother and sister duo had such giant personalities pouring out of their itty bitty selves. She, annoyed we had bothered her, but eventually offering a sweet smile. He, quite serene and snuggly, and then pulling out all manner of silly faces. I can already imagine their antics six months from now, a year, three years. What fun (and yes, probably a little bit of exasperation)!

Because it takes me a few weeks to blog, the most exciting and joyous postscript to all of this is that these little ones are HOME! I don’t know if there is a sweeter word in our language to a family that’s been separated for so long.

Welcoming Mr. Hudson [Colorado Newborn Photographer]

I’m just going to warn you now… this little guy is very likely to cause you some serious baby fever. I took these late last summer, and I remember thinking, “Whelp… I’m absolutely ready to meet my little boy now.”

This little guy was just a little peanut, but it was obvious he had already made an incredible impact on his sweet parents. I loved getting to see how they admired every little bit of him. (Also, that photo of his dad looking at his mama? Kills. me.) Welcome to the world, Hudson!

Pam - So much love captured in these pictures. Great work!

Welcoming Mr. Luke [Broomfield Newborn Photographer]

Oh, my friends. It NEVER gets old to get to photograph a family as they welcome a new member. Maybe I should rephrase that. I absolutely love photographing a family again and getting to see how they’ve grown, changed, and stretched. Sweet baby Luke is absolutely adored. Each sibling was ready to snuggle him, talk to him, and tell me all about him. Plus, having only recently added our fourth on earth, also a little boy, I admit I’m extra biased toward adoring this little guy.

Plus, the light in this house was a photographer’s dream (at least this photographer’s dream)! Lovely light, sweet baby toes, and elbow dimples? Be still my heart. Welcome to the world, little Luke.

The Hahn Family [Golden, Co Family Photographer]

First of all, can we all just pause and admire the coordination in these outfits? I always tell my clients that coordination is more coherent and pleasing than going matchy-matchy. I think I may have found a perfect and gorgeous example. (I also can’t claim any credit for helping… this is all their amazing mama, Sarah!)

I don’t think I can begin to tell you how much I love photographing this family. I adore how the kids love each other so much (not that there’s not any squabbling, because, yes, they are normal siblings) and pull it together for the sweetest photos. They encourage each other, compete, giggle at their daddy’s antics, and claim snuggles in-between shots. After years of photographing them and knowing their family, I really love how they say my name (let’s be honest, Alzbeta is a mouthful for most adults) and greet my babies (Jude was a tiny stowaway on this shoot). I always know that a shoot with them is going to be one filled with all kinds of silliness and joy, and I honestly had a hard time narrowing down photos to share, because there are so many fun ones!