Max and his family {Littleton Family Photographer}


I have gotten to photograph a whole lot of major life events in this family.  An engagement, two weddings, maternity, and now… the whole crew for sweet Max’s 6 month milestone.  This shoot was mostly filled with amazed remarks at how easy it is to make Max smile… even when he’s starting to melt down in exhaustion!


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Mark and Erika’s Wedding Day {Greeley Wedding Photographer}


This wedding is another that is quite close to our family’s heart.  Mark is one of my husband’s oldest and best friends, and we have been honored and blessed to get to watch his and Erika’s relationship from close to the beginning.  They spent most of their courtship, and all of their engagement thousands of miles apart.  They booked me three years ago, so this date has been circled and highlighted in my calendar for a very long time.  My husband was a groomsman and my father-in-law, a deacon, presided over their vows. They were married at St. Mary’s in Greeley, and then we partied it up at the Evans Recreation Center.  I can’t say enough how excited I am to share some sweet moments with you… this couple is truly special.




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Matej & Chelsea’s Wedding {Wichita Wedding Photographer}


This wedding is an extra special one… and not just a little extra special, like really, really, really special.  My baby brother got married (certainly not a baby anymore, obviously!) to the beautiful, darling, love of his life. Shooting a wedding in the family is definitely a different experience, but I’m so glad I was able to be there for them and capture their first moments of marriage.  Congratulations, Matt and Chelsea!  We love you!

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Danielle & Todd’s Love Story {Wichita Engagement Photographer}


It’s funny how people come together.  Todd and Danielle are people from two different parts of my life and met in the town where much of my family still lives… such a random and fun connection.  Either way, they spent the entire shoot making each other laugh and looking ridiculously amazing (there was a breeze that followed us around just to blow Danielle’s hair, it seemed like).  Congratulations on your engagement, you two, I can’t wait for your wedding in December!


Hoch065 copy



Hoch216 copy


Diane Zeller - Oh my goodness! These are some of the best pictures I have ever seen! Todd is my son, so of course I may just be a little partial. I really enjoyed looking at them and have looked at them several times. Fantastic photography!

The Marciniak Family {Wichita Family, Maternity, and Child Photographer}

Marciniak020 copy

The last time I photographed this family, Miss Elzbieta was just a-growin’ in Mama’s tummy, and this time, there’s a brand new little life cooking in there.  How beautiful is that, that every time I see them, there’s a whole new life just getting started? This is why I love my job.  There were so many little things I loved about this shoot: how Thérèse wasn’t quite awake when we started, but she shared her sweet smile with me anyway; how Elzbieta’s tongue definitely preferred the “out” position; how we all ended up with pockets full of flowers from these sweet girls, how much Dan obviously adores his girls; how Brandi just glowed with the anticipation of new life within her; oh, and definitely how Thérèse went in for what we thought was a kiss… and ended up in a lick!


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