The Uebbing Family {Denver Family Photographer}


Oh, this family. Talented, hilarious, and super-energetic and fun. I knew them distantly, as friends of friends for awhile and through following Jenny’s blog as they lived abroad for a year. Then, I photographed Jenny’s sister’s wedding this past February, and got to meet this sweet family in person. So, when they asked me to do some family photos for them, I may or may not have jumped up and down with excitement. I love how the boys were total explorers the whole shoot, but also willing to stop and giving me quite debonair poses, and wee baby girl? Well, she doesn’t have to anything to melt my heart into a big puddle, but those eyes and her little smile? Well, consider me melted. Thank you for an awesome shoot, Uebbing family!

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Michelle and Josh’s Wedding Story {Denver Wedding Photographer}


There was so much to love about this wedding, from the dress (the details, oh my!), to the beautiful church, to, of course, the absolute joy that Michelle and Josh are to photograph. Their excitement and laughter was contagious, and I spent most of this wedding smiling. They have blended the worlds of Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Colorado, and so many other beautiful things. Enjoy!





Christine and Frankie: Waiting for Baby {Lakewood Maternity Photographer}


Two years ago, Frankie and Christine’s wedding was the last I did before I left the wedding scene for a year to have my second little one. Now, we get to eagerly await Baby J, due on Christmas! Anyone who knows these two can tell you that they are a blast to be around, so this little babe is in for a whole lot of fun! We hit the sweet spot in lighting at one of my favorite locations, and the rest is yours to see. Enjoy!




The Hill Family {Fort Robinson Family Photographer}

Hill36 copy

Dear Friends, You are about to get introduced to part of my wonderful family… they’re awesome, so just sit back for a minute. This is my eldest sister’s family. Millie got most of the map-reading skills in our family, is amazingly organized, can handle the most complicated of insurance issues, and is a talented musician to boot. None of that is even beginning to brag, yet. Five years ago, Chuck’s kidneys failed, and he had to have a kidney transplant. This family has pulled through an incredibly difficult five years, and are still some of the funniest and most fun people I know. Because we live in different states, I don’t get to photograph them nearly as often as I would like. While on a family trip this past summer, we slipped in a quick shoot right after a crazy storm rolled through the fort we were staying at.  Aren’t they great?!


Hill75Hill73 copy